2nd Annual BHO Bike Run

In Memory of Jacob (Jake) J Cramer

August 11, 2019

From Joelle McWreath (Sister of Jake Cramer):

When my brother passed away, to say my world stopped is an understatement. My heart shattered, my mind asking every question I could think of, reaching out to anyone that knew my brother, trying to justify what happened, the what if’s, the feeling of not knowing how to live and enjoy my life and enjoy what God has blessed me with, to having to pick pieces up to make sure my feet hit the ground the next morning ... I wouldn’t wish this pain on anyone, not my worst enemy.


When BHO had reached out, and wanted to put this bike run in “memory” of my brother, it killed me. Stabbed me a million times over. “In Memory of”, and adding Jake’s name to that, hurt me all over again. My baby brother, my brat brother, my side kick that ALWAYS took my side, never told on me, held my hand when I needed help, and the person who loved my kids with his whole heart ...


This bike run does so much, raises money for children that are in need, raises money to help families at Thanksgiving and Christmas time, and this year will also raise money in hopes to help another person battling mental illness. This is a COMMUNITY event, for everyone! Below are the order forms PRE-REGISTRATION & T-SHIRT ORDER FORM! Tell your friends and family about this event, remember ... depression/suicide is not something “you can see openly”. This illness is something that is not spoken openly about due to judgement and not being normal. There is NOTHING to be ashamed about if you’re battling from these illnesses!


Please, my brother would have wanted to help every person that felt the way he did if he could. Stop out and share the day with BHO and my family as we remember Jake and the good memories and maybe you’ll just be able to help someone you know reach out to help themselves!


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Founding Members:

Jeff Bibel

Valerie Canigiani

Dave Sethman

Janeen Sethman

Billy Rupert

Shelly Stewart