About Us

A few years ago 6 friends helped out at a charity event. We realized how awesome it was to help someone and not ask for a thing in return.  After that, the 6 of us kept volunteering and helping where we could.  One day Billy Rupert suggested that we start our own organization.  His idea for a name was "Bikers Who Do S*** For People" and anyone who knows Billy can hear him saying that.  Obviously we went for a little more refined name, but nonetheless, here we are.



We try to pick one family at the holidays and provide everything from the meal to the gifts.  This past year we started with one family with 3 kids and it turned into 4 families and 11 kids.  Two years ago we partnered with Two Million Bikers To DC and Blue Mountain ABATE to grant a "bucket list" wish for a woman waiting for a double lung transplant.  Her wish was to ride a motorcycle.  Well, we arranged for a side car and about 400 bikers rode with her.  We've donated bicycles to kids who's families can't afford them.  We took a sick little boy to visit a fire department where he became an honorary fireman.  We never really know what we'll be asked to help with, but we give it our all. 


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Founding Members:

Jeff Bibel

Valerie Canigiani

Dave Sethman

Janeen Sethman

Billy Rupert

Shelly Stewart